Friday, January 6, 2012

Tool # 2 And we are just getting started…

Wow! That was a LOT of info. Some of the points that stood out from the commenting advice, where the ones related to:  how to make our blogs more interesting to the readers and the rules of Netiquette.
I believe when writing on a device, we may forget that this is the new way of “interacting,” so we still need to invite comments and ask questions, although sometimes, we might see that not every blogger out there might be following  these basic rules.  I particularly loved the “Be open ended” advice.  We are NOT ALWAYS the experts and there is ALWAYS something to learn from EVERYONE, which leads to the next advice. Be Humble!  Not always an easy task for some of us. Do you think this is an educator thing? I mean, after all, we are taught to always show confidence and expertise in front of our audience (our students). Moreover, to show our weaknesses, failings and gaps in our own Knowledge might not be something we are used to. But hey, please add on, I really would like to hear how you feel about this.
Regarding Netiquette, I guess we all agree, we need to adhere to the same standards of behavior online, that we would follow in real life. So let’s be gracious, encourage others and my favorite: “Comment if you have something meaningful to add to the conversation and care about the topic.
All in all, I think I am starting to add some spice to my blog. I added questions, invited for comments and…am I being controversial? Well, maybe not yet. You tell me.
Last but not least, I would like to share the URL to the new space I intend to explore more.  This is my space at This is a site that aims to improve your online productivity. It allows you to take personal notes and highlight text information on web pages just as you would on a piece of paper. You can then bookmark and save this information for further review. All of this information is also saved online and, can be accessed by any computer or browser, including cell phones with browsing capabilities. So, yes, I already downloaded the application on my Iphone4.  You are also able to network with other people that have your same interests, in this case, educators.


  1. Well said! And I agree that it COULD be an educator thing. I like your diigo space - now it makes me want to follow them, too! I get distracted easily :)

    I have to say it again, you're a rock star and this blog post is a stunning example of someone who has given it some thought and embraced the opportunity to learn new "tools" - well done!!

  2. In many ways, I feel fairly comfortable communicating online, so I'm open to the virtual learning environment.