Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tool#3 We all love Videos and pics

There is  no denying, we all love to add some videos and pictures to our class whenever possible. Students also love videos and get all excited when they know this will be part off the lesson.
My primary source for videos in my class has been YouTube, the amount of material that can be found is just amazing and I have been able in the past, to embed them into power point presentations, so I do not have to deal with other distractions. Later, I discovered Teacher tube. I opened an account in teacher tube, and I use it to actually upload my students work.  A couple of times during the year, my students are required to create a video and I ask them to upload them here or to you Tube. The advantage of Teacher Tube is that I know the content they find there,while navigating, will be safe, as opposed to you tube where they can run into all kind of weird stuff, even when searching for something related to my class. 
The following is a sample of one of my student's work for unit 2A.  For this project students were asked to describe their daily routine using reflexive verbs. Students were given several choices for presentation such as power points, videos, and the old fashioned construction paper books. The student in the video is not one of my bests student in the class and has various grammatical mistakes; however, he got really excited about this assignment and was eager to share it with the rest of the class. I gave them three homework grades for this assignment and a couple of weeks to be completed.

New to me: Discovery Education: I think there are a couple of videos that I can actually use from this site, but honestly, not that many. You can checkout the one I found about Preterit Vs Imperfect in the link bellow. There is also a thumps down for this site, please correct me if I am wrong, but is my understanding that although there is a sharing option, this just provides the link. Once you open the link, it will still request a username and password before opening the file. 

The Imperfect progressive (Click to see the Video)

I Also Check out Blinkx which I found very similar to You Tube. I typed on the search “The present Progressive” and most of the videos that gave me were actually from you Tube.
About Copyright, I learned that as long as we, teachers and students, are publishing to a secure location, we are basically fine. What we cannot do is copy or published copyright materials to the general public. Because of this, I think sites like Flicker are good choices for images, so you don’t have to worry about copyrights.
Finally, Dropbox.  I already have a Dropbox account and so far, I believe this can be useful for my personal use. I can store lessons plans and other materials I create without the worry that if my computer crashes or is stolen, my work will be lost, as everything will be stored online.  
Have you found any uses for dropbox in the classroom? If so, please share. 
The videos I embedded here, are videos I will actually use in the unit I am teaching now.

                                          The Present Progressive

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  1. I'm so glad you're a TeacherTuber now :) And you're right about Discovery Education - you will still have to add a username and password and that's because we pay for the rights to use the videos. That is one drawback but the trade-off is that you know those videos are definitely high quality and commercial-free, you know? I thoroughly enjoyed your "The Present Progressive" video choice. She makes me want to look up more videos!