Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tool # 8 The Devices

The only thing that was new for me in this tool, was the Netbooks, which good for us, is not that different than our laptops having basically the same capabilities.  Couple of the differences are that is smaller, the ports are located to the side and two great features: a Webcam and a SD card reader. (love those)

Regarding Ipods and IPads, I am very familiar with those as I own a couple of those devices and I am familiar with the sync process as well.

Managing the devices: I guess that many of us have been wondering: "What am I supposed to do with 3 or 5 devices with a class of more than thirty students?
As of now, I believe the solution will be to create centers.  Couple of suggestions would be to:

_Plan well in advance and  carefully.
_Create work groups in the class.
_Designate a student per each group who will be responsible for the device and
_Identify experts.

Good luck to everyone and please let's start sharing some ideas!


  1. Bingo! That's a great idea - create centers. And designating a student or two to be responsible for the devices is a great organizational idea. And it's not too hard to find experts among out students - they really know more than we do, don't they?