Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tool # 6 I am digging this!

I really liked Wallwisher,you can create it really fast, students do not need to create an account and can be used as a quick assignment. I did two samples of the two commands, but I am not sure why they do not show. However, if you click at the bottom where it says "Post a sticky note", it will take you to the original wall I created. You can see the samples I did, click on the wall and add your own command if you wish to. This is fun!

In the link bellow, I am sharing a bookmark on my Diigo space. This is something we can share with students via twitter, facebook or by creating a group in my own diigo account. This reading is about the Imperfect Vs Preterite. I expect the students to read, highlight what they think is interesting, but they can also ask questions by adding sticky notes. Check it out and tell me what you think. Could this be uploaded in google docs, so everyone can collaborate? I am wondering, with so many tools I am starting to get a bit confused. Please let me know.

The Imperfect Vs Preterite: Read, highlight and ask questions


  1. Hmmm. Maybe with a paid membership you can export? From what I've seen of your link - it would have to be a copy and paste job to get it into Google Docs. Which is not all bad but it sure would be easier to export it.

    Are you asking if we can upload sticky notes or the whole 11 Tools thing?

  2. Well, if I decide to leave the reading as an assignment, I could export to Google Docs right? but then, in order for the students to highlight and add questions they would need to have the diigolet tool in their own devices at home. am I right?