Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tool # 4 The Google Apps

Google Apps is one of those other things I have been hearing for some time now, but had  not the chance to explore. I am really amazed in how things  I thought were already easy such as sending an attachment to my friends, can actually be easier.  When I heard google docs, I always thought about a word document, so I was also surprised to learn, that I can actually create presentations and have other formats. 
I have created this presentation about the present progressive which I have shared with a couple of co-workers so they can help me edit it.

How can use this in my class? Easy, from time to time, I like my students to work in group projects outside class time. However, finding the time to collaborate with a team outside school, sometimes is challenging for them because of their different schedules. With google docs, they can collaborate from the comfort of their home and at their convenience.  This is something I will definitely try to use!

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